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Personal data protection policy

The company EVANGELOS CHALEPLIS S.A. pays great attention to security and respects the privacy and confidentiality of your personal data. That's why we invest time and resources to protect your privacy.

The company takes all appropriate organizational and technical measures designed to protect information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, distortion or destruction and ensures the legitimate and legal collection and processing of personal data as well as for their safe keeping.

In this effort, we are in a continuous process of information and education, so that we fully comply with the applicable national, European and international legal framework and in particular with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 679/2016 of the European Union.

Purpose of this policy

We wish to inform you about the way in which your personal data is collected, stored, used and transmitted, the security measures we take to protect your personal data, the reasons and the period of time they are stored, as well as the type of personal data collected.

It concerns any act or series of acts carried out with or without the use of automated means, on personal data or sets of personal data, such as the collection, registration, organization, structure, storage, adaptation or change, retrieval, retrieval of information, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or any other form of disposal, association or combination, restriction, deletion or destruction.

This Policy is updated from time to time and can be modified whenever deemed necessary, without prior notice, always within the applicable legal framework and in accordance with any changes in the current legislation on personal data protection. We therefore recommend that you check this Policy at regular intervals in order to be informed of any changes that have been made.

What is personal data?

Personal data is any information concerning a specific natural person or a person whose identity can be ascertained (e.g. name, ID number, address, etc.). Data related to health (physical or mental condition, receipt of medical services, etc.) are included in the general term personal data but are a special category of data.

The company will not process your personal data without your consent. However, the company reserves the right, in exceptional cases, to process your personal information to the extent permitted or required by law, and/or by court decisions or prosecutorial orders/orders.

How is your personal data collected?

Your personal data is collected in the following ways:

(a) you provide them to us when you apply for a job with the Company or you send your CV. The provision of your personal data in the context of submitting a CV to find a job in the company is of course voluntary as otherwise it would not be possible to evaluate your possibility of employment. For more information see the Resume Processing Policy.

(b) you provide them to us when you use the services of the Online Store (e-shop), B2B&B2C platforms, as you are asked to fill in fields and enter your personal data to complete your order. The submission of your data is done by your choice and processed with your consent for the following exclusive purposes:

·         The proper execution of the contract,

·          The fulfillment of the terms and obligations of the services provided through the Online Shop (e-shop),

·          The support and service of customers / users,

·         The ensuring of smooth operation of the Online Store (e-shop),

After the customer's connection to the bank's website, the company bears no responsibility for the customer's personal data.

(c) you provide them to us when you complete the Personal Data Use Confirmation & Consent Form either during our on-site meetings or during our meetings in the context of our company's participation in exhibitions. The submission of your details is done at your choice and processed with your consent in order to be used for promotions, new product updates and offers.

(d) automatically through the browser or mobile device you use to access our website www.fylliana.gr .

(e) you provide them to us when you fill out electronic forms or send an electronic mail "e-mail", in order to get information about products or use the services available on the company's website www.fylliana.gr . The submission of your basic data is done by your choice and their processing with your consent for the sole purpose of informing you about the services and products of our company.

In cases where your consent is required for the use of your personal data in promotional actions aimed at informing you about new products, this will be expressly requested from you and you have the right to withdraw it at any time.

What kind of personal data is collected?

The personal data collected and further processed includes your name, address, CV details and generally contact details (including email address, tax details and telephone number) and anything else detailed in the posted policies of the company.

In addition to the above data that you provide us, technical information that constitutes personal data may be collected, such as for example the Internet Protocol address (Internet Protocol address) of your device, e.g., computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone. This technical information is used for the smooth operation and performance of the website and is not permanently stored in our infrastructure.

More details about the technologies used on our website are listed in the Cookies Policy.

What principles govern the processing of personal data by the Company?

The company processes your personal data in a legitimate and legal way for clearly defined purposes mentioned in this Policy. Your personal data processed by the company is limited to what is absolutely necessary to achieve these purposes, is accurate and up-to-date, is kept for a period of time determined by the purposes of the processing, is protected by adequate security measures and is not transmitted to countries that do not ensure satisfactory protection level.

Who collects the personal data and for what purpose? Are they passed on to third parties?

The reception, processing and preservation of the data of the CV, knowledge, professional training and professional experience, is done to satisfy the exclusive purpose of the evaluation by the Company for the possibility of occupying a certain job position, and they are kept only for this purpose, are processed only by the company's Management.

The receipt, processing and retention of your data concerning identification, tax and communication information is done to satisfy the exclusive purpose of executing the contract & informing you about the company's services and products. All your data is kept only for these purposes and is processed only by the relevant departments of the company (accounting & sales).

Personal data may be transmitted to partners, or to third parties, for further processing for the purpose of providing services, evaluating and improving the functionality of the website, marketing purposes, data management and technical support. These third parties have contractually committed to us that they will use the personal data only for the above reasons, will not transfer the personal information to third parties, and will not share it with third parties unless required by law.

The company undertakes not to commercialize your personal data by making it available for sale/rent, giving/transferring/publishing or communicating it to third parties or to use it in any other way and for other purposes that may endanger privacy.

How long is my personal data kept?

For the fulfillment of the purpose of processing related to the investigation of occupying a certain job position in our company (CV form), we consider a reasonable and necessary time to retain your relevant data for six (6) months. After six (6) months have passed since your resume was received, the relevant file with all your information will be deleted.

For the fulfillment of the purpose of processing related to the execution of the contract and to inform you about our services and products, a reasonable time for keeping your data is considered the time of the relevant commercial operation of the company.

For the fulfillment of the purpose of processing related to receiving & completing orders via e-shop, a reasonable time for keeping your data is determined by the time of the relevant commercial operation of the company.

What are my rights regarding the processing of my personal data?

You have the right at any time to ask us which of your personal data we process, for what purposes we do it, if we give it to third parties and to whom, as well as other relevant information. You also have the right to receive a free copy of your personal data upon request.

Other rights you have under the relevant legislation include the right to request the updating and/or correction of your data, the suspension and/or limitation of their processing and their deletion from the company's systems, as long as there is no other law obligation to maintain them. You also retain the right of portability and/or opposition to the processing of your personal data.

You can exert all of your above rights by submitting a relevant request in writing to the address 7th km of Katerini National Road – Thessaloniki Katerini, 60062, Pieria. For any issue you have regarding your personal data and/or for clarifications, you can contact the company's Personal Data Protection Officer Ms. Angeliki Demirtzoglou, either by phone at 2351045451 or by e-mail at datainfo@fylliana.gr .

Any request submitted must be accompanied by appropriate proof of identification and provide the required information (e.g. the data that needs correction) as described in the respective service's terms of use.

The Company makes every effort so that your requests are answered without delay and in any case within a month of their receipt. This deadline can be extended by two (2) more months, if necessary, taking into account the complexity of the request and the number of requests. You will be informed about this extension as well as the reasons for the delay within a month of receiving the request from the company. If you submit the request by electronic means, the response will be provided to you, if possible, by electronic means, unless you request otherwise (e.g., a written letter).

In the event that the company delays beyond the justified period to respond to your request as well as in any case where you consider that your rights are violated or the company is not consistent with its obligations to keep your data, you have the right to submit a complaint to the supervisory authority. (Personal Data Authority, Athens Kifisias 1-3, P.O. 115 23, Athens, contact@dpa.gr, +30-210 6475600

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