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Mattress Fylliana "Oniro", size 90*200 (70-90)

Are you looking for the perfect mattress to ensure the ideal quality of sleep? Choose the ONIRO mattress from our collection and enjoy endless moments of rest and relaxation! Improve your daily routine by improving the quality of your sleep. An anatomical mattress of mild hardness, with independent springs 5 zones and 4 ergonomic materials for the equable distribution of the pressure exerted on the body and the decrease of throbs. With the possibility of choosing a special dimension upon order.

245,00 €


90x200x30 cm

Διαθέσιμο σε 8-15 εργάσιμες

40,83€/month to 6 interest-free credit card installments

Free pick up from
64 spots in Greece

Immediate telephone service
at 2351045452

Secure transactions,
all payment methods are accepted

Product Details

High-quality independent pocket springs 5 zone with side supports and 4 foam ergonomic materials each side, for uniform body support and throb absorption.
Natural construction materials, perfectly processed and free of microorganisms.
Fabric treated with the antibacterial method. This method eliminates bacteria and protects the mattress for a long time.

Height: ±30cm.
Also available in special dimensions upon request.

Additional details:
High quality, Greek made, manufactured according to Fylliana specifications.
The colors on the screen may differ from the real ones.
Anatomic layer, medium hardness.
Ventilated, with side support.
It has a zipper and fabric handles.


An anatomical mattress with medium hardness, a mattress designed at the basis of the ergonomics of the body. The anatomical layers are softer and hug the body while supporting the spine.

 Assembly and Installation:

Delivered in factory packaging. If you're interested in transporting the product, it's recommended to contact the partner store in your area.

 • Maintenance and cleaning:

Let your mattress ventilate periodically without linen, ideally exposed to the sun. It is important to turn the mattress from one side to the other about every 3 months to keep it clean and hygienic. Avoid ironing on its surface, or cleaning it using steam, as this will cause moisture inside.

In these ways, you will keep your mattress in top condition and ensure longevity and comfort.


The mattress warranty is for a period of 5 years.

 • Extra Tips:

It is important to know that the meaning of "soft" and "hard" mattress is subjective and depends on the body weight and body type of the person lying on the mattress. Ideally, try the mattress you are going to buy as many times as necessary, to be sure that you are making the right choice.

In order to ensure the longevity of the mattress we suggest to use a mattress topper from our collection.


  • Dimensions90x200x30cm
  • Volume:0.540
  • Boxes:1

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