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we go green

Fylliana, implementing its strategy for a "green" transition and its goal of zero environmental footprint by 2030, we start with an ambitious but achievable goal, as we commit to our program to consume only clear, renewable energy, which we will produce exclusively on our premises and zero our direct emissions from fuel consumption (natural gas, oil, etc.)

In particular, Fylliana is proceeding to cover the company's energy needs with the use of renewable energy sources (photovoltaics), a project that is expected to be completed by 2030. It is also proceeding to completely replace the conventional fleet of vehicles it had and replace it with hybrid technology cars or purely electric, exploiting the use of electricity for their movement. The environmental benefit of this change is significant, as it ensures a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions of up to 40% compared to the use of the previous car fleet and this is the practical proof of Fylliana's commitment to the green transition.

In addition, helping to protect the environment from mindless deforestation, we choose products with the FSC mark which ensures that the trees used are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally.

The FSC certification that we ensure that most of our products have, is another proof of our commitment to actively support the responsible management of the world's forests through timber certification.

Regarding recycling, by gradually reducing petroleum-based products, recycling paper packaging and properly managing the waste we produce, we protect the environment and add value to life, considering how closely the quality of our life is linked to the health and sustainability of our planet.

For all of us at Fylliana, protecting the planet is a key pillar of our corporate purpose and our goal is to achieve a zero environmental footprint by 2030 starting with our daily operations.

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